DevOps can automate your software delivery to production, process with continuous integration, deployments, and cloud techniques to give you a competitive advantage.

To gain a competitive advantage and deliver value faster, DevOps can automate your software delivery to production, process.

A DevOps strategy that emphasizes collaboration, communication, and rapid feedback is the fastest and smartest way to create value. DevOps strategies work to automate the process of software delivery to production, by using techniques like automated testing, agile development, continuous integration, and continuous delivery.

By applying operations and development principles, tools, and techniques throughout your organization's entire delivery process you will see improved development frequency, release quality, team productivity, and architecture quality while realizing business value faster.

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Nuerex's DevOps solutions

We analyze internal capabilities, available technology, and business needs first. We then tailor an operations and development strategy to meet the needs of your organization.

DevOps Capabilities

Implementing DevOps can take work and requires you to shift your focus; that is why our experts can help by providing the following:

  • Transformation planning to ensure that benefits are realized in increments
  • Process design to ensure that this approach can be managed and measured throughout your organization
  • Readiness assessments to help determine your organizations existing levels of maturity and provide guidance on the value this approach can deliver
  • DevOps tool selection and implementation
  • Reliable testing services
  • Build and deployment automation
  • Architecture alignment to incorporate old models into the new development
  • Governance to ensure the longevity of the approach and providing processes and tools for the enterprise

Related Capabilities

Our experts can also support your organization by performing the following:
  • Software Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Involves relevant capabilities that are required to move to continuous testing
  • Cloud Services
  • Makes delivering automation faster and easier
  • Agile Services
  • Ensure continuous improvements through transformations and coaching
  • Application Lifecycle Management Services
  • It gives long-term support to critical business applications
  • Change Management
  • Ensure DevOps will be adopted

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