Data & Analytics

In today’s market, every business must have access to insight. It’s no longer optional.

Data is an essential corporate asset, and every organization must start treating it like one. Use your data to the best of its capabilities, to drive business insights, process improvement, automation, and innovation.

Chances are your competitors are using their data for more than just reporting. Your organization can also become a data leader through the cloud, artificial intelligence, and cutting edge approaches to data systems. By excelling beyond traditional business intelligence, you will be positioned to transform data into information that accelerates business insight, ensures operational excellence, and allows you to gain a competitive advantage.

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Our Data & Analytics Services Can Help You Reach Your Goals.

Modern Analytics Platform

Analytics play a crucial and vital role in your future; new services no longer constrain businesses with expensive data warehousing and large payments.

Revolutionize your analytics with the cloud, the latest technologies, and flexible architectures. Streamline your business insights with data while reducing your costs.

Machine Learning

Your data has deep insights inside it that help create value, yet the predictive power has always remained elusive. Machine Learning and data science can unlock and grant access to the ability, and advantages predictability data evaluation can bring. Achieve cost-effective automation solutions and process improvement through Machine Learning solutions.

Business Intelligence & Visualization

With Business Intelligence and Visualizations, confusing metrics and pages of numbers can be easily defined to make the right information available and accelerate decision-making processes. Well-designed visualization solutions can enable users to explore more of their metrics and data and aid the decision-making process. Our experts at Nuerex can help you create a powerful, efficient, user-friendly and information-rich experience.

Data Quality

Uncertainty around data can make managing your business a significant challenge; problems with discerning and identifying relevant metrics can impede decision-making processes. Data quality is core in business definitions, metric formulation, reconciliation of data, and reporting. We can help you reinforce the quality of your data governance, technology components, and master data management.

Support & Maintenance

Many organizations have difficulty allocating support, time, and skills to solve data solutions. At Nuerex, we can help manage the solution. We can offer you support and maintenance services for Data & Analytics solutions. Our experts can personalize a solution based on your unique requirements.

Transform Data into actionable analytics for your organization.

For insurance

Insurance as an industry depends highly on the maturity of data, Yet there is a limited amount of data that can improve operations and strategic decision making. Helping you rapidly go from data to solutions.

  • Underwriting & Operations throughput Tracking
  • Loss Adjustment Expense Optimization
  • Improved Reserving Analysis
  • Agency Performance Analytics

For Healthcare

Healthcare is a business for improving lives. Coordinated care, EHRs, and targeted interventions are driving better health in a population. By partnering with us, you can magnify your focus on your customers, while additionally balancing the goals of your organization.

  • Data Sharing to Reduce Cost Of Admissions
  • Data-Driven Decisions to Improve Patients’ Treatment
  • Performance And Quality Metrics
  • Decisions Supported By Data to Improve Treatments

For Energy & Utilities

There is a considerable change in the Utility industry. It is rapidly evolving and changing at an impressive rate. Renewable energy, information access, smart devices, and energy storage are revolutionizing this field. Nuerex can help you adjust to the situation.

  • Dynamic Responsiveness
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Customer Relation Management solutions
  • Voltage Optimizations

Data & Analytics Challenges Organizations are Facing.

Often when the topic of modernization is brought up, businesses respond with “There’s not enough data.” However, when these same organizations ask for new data, it takes far too long and costs far too much. More time is spent gathering information than understanding what can be done with it.

Are any of the above-taking place in your organization?

Building the right supporting functions and correct architecture can be daunting for a variety of reasons:

  • A rise of digital trends
  • Customer Journey experiences
  • Evolving cloud technologies
  • Rising competition with predictive analytics and artificial intelligence

The amount of data is only continuing to grow. To protect all your investments, you need to have a modular and efficient data services and architecture.