Test Automation & DevOps Success

DevOps can create a culture where operation and development processes build, test, and deploy applications to increase product delivery speeds. According to experts in the field, DevOps practices can now surpass and outperform Quality Assurance processes.

Test automation throughout your organization

DevOps makes quality a shared concern for all personnel in your organization. Though these capabilities sound great, it can lead to issues in managing and prioritizing the quality control process. Without a consistent framework, quality can become marginalized, as no group is prepared to take responsibility, test automation is the solution.

Successful implementation of test automation requires expert experience. The majority of work in test automation is in the setup. At Nuerex, our experts can help manage and complete your installation and determine critical factors.

DevOps and Quality Assurance

The positioning of QA in a DevOps and agile organization is not clearly defined. Most organizations bundle the service in other fields such as, continuous development, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. However, there are far more efficient ways of handling the matter.

Test automation can allow for greater capabilities, as the number of tests organizations need to run is increasing exponentially.

In our market of constant regression runs and testing, test automation can simplify the process and eliminate the need for manual testing, which is vital in successful DevOps implementation.

Test automation engineers

Test automation requires a skill set that is difficult to obtain due to its technical complexity. Lacking test automation can wound DevOps projects. Test automation engineers need to understand the application functionality as well as the underlying technological landscape, tools, and scripts that are required for development. As well as how the scripts can be executed with CI/CD tools to align with development processes and operations. If your organization doesn't have a qualified test automation engineer, you have three options:

  • 1. Use experts from consulting companies. Through this approach, your organization can get access to the right talent. At Nuerex, we can deliver quality services to help your organization flourish.
  • 2. Hire the staff. Finding the right people can take significant time due to the scarcity of relevant resources.
  • 3. Retrain staff into test automation engineers. This approach takes time, however, it allows you to improve your team's abilities and skill sets

What's Next?

To successfully implement DevOps, your development and test automation engineers need to work together. To help automation testing, develop test scripts, and maximize test coverage. The codes and scripts should be supported by CI/CD tools to generate builds automatically as well as deploying and testing them.

Test automation can assume a strategic role in your organization; its capabilities include fine-tuning requirements, defining strategies, and implementing & analyzing quality metrics. Which will allow your organization not only to find issues but to prevent issues.

Though the process may seem complicated, its benefits far outway any difficulties. DevOps can allow your whole business to produce better software faster, for DevOps to succeed, it needs test automation. Having an effective test automation solution in your organization is in indicator that your a mature DevOps organization, and is crucial to success.