Business Process Improvement (Lean/Six Sigma)

Building quality processes that grow with a business.

How BPI can work with your organization.

BPI leads to quality improvement, service enhancement, cost reductions, and productivity increases in business processes and activity. Many companies take a BPI program to maximize their operational performance and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

BPI Overview

With Business Process Improvement you can deliver greater value and create a sustainable framework for improvement.

Lean Overview

Lean is fundamentally about creating more value while respecting the people in your organization. At its core, it is a philosophy for managing a business. It is more than just a collection of tools, techniques, and projects. Lean is philosophy that you're constantly striving for, not just something else you do.

Six Sigma Overview

Six Sigma primarily focuses on improving the quality of products and services. This methodology focuses on identifying and removing defects and minimizing variability in processes creating sustainable and guaranteed improvement. In Six Sigma, all procedures are defined, measured, analyzed, improved, and controlled. It has the following value targets:

  • Increase in profits
  • Reduce Pollutions
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce Process Cycle Time

Business Process Improvement Disciplines

Each discipline of BPI is stand-alone; however, they also work well together. Nuerex's experts can analyze and determine which of these solutions are the best fit for your organization.


DEFINITION: A customer-centric approach used to improve processes through the elimination of waste.

PHILOSOPHY: Maximize customer value while removing non-value-adding activities.

Six Sigma

DEFINITION: Drive improvements by managing the variations and reducing defects in a process.

PHILOSOPHY: All processes can be defined, analyzed, measured, improved, and controlled to deliver maximum performance.

Rapid Improvement

DEFINITION: A streamlined, fast improvement framework that is action-oriented and addresses known issues.

PHILOSOPHY: Easy, quick fixes that are easy to implement.

Rapid Improvement Overview

Rapid improvement is a technique that is used to implement solutions when the problem is clearly defined, and solutions are known. Not all challenges require complex solutions. Rapid is a tactical approach that can quickly deliver value.

Want to align your processes with your business strategy? Our experts can guide you there.