Enterprise Program Management

We focus on controlling strategic initiatives and delivering programs and projects.

Business transformation and change continues to accelerate within organizations.

To address this, Enterprise Program Management (EPM) has rapidly evolved from a supporting function in companies to a core function which is crucial in prioritizing, managing, aligning, and overseeing efforts.

Close collaboration with our clients is key to understanding their assessment analysis services, programs, goals, and drivers, offering portfolio, project, coaching, and assessment analysis services.

Enterprise Program Management Vision

Focuses on selecting the right projects, executing them the right way, and creating real business results.

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Portfolio Management

Our experts can establish effective project portfolio management processes and supporting tools. That will ensure the focus stays on the right project and aligns with your company’s strategic goals.

At Nuerex, we help you find the right way to execute your projects better, ensure strategic alignment, and measure project value.

Organizational benefits include:
  • Ensuring alignment with the strategy
  • Providing a quick method for evaluating project value
  • Providing numeric rankings
  • Faster decision making
  • An increase in confidence
  • Adaptability

PMO capability Development

Enterprise Program Management (EPM) will provide value in line with the overall strategy.

There is no one size fits all in creating and optimizing a PMO. We work together to understand your unique needs and outline the benefits of an EPM and PMO within your organization. We establish a vision and an operating model for the EPM and PMO based on what is most appropriate for your organization.

Our supporting toolkits and comprehensive methodology rapidly improve your EPM with a focus on building internal capabilities to improve functionality.

Project Leadership

Setting a clear vision, creating the correct culture, and supporting leadership talent is vital in project leadership. Ideally, a project manager is an adaptive leader with the following hard and soft skills.

We help provide this skillset by applying deep knowledge in project management methods, an in-depth understanding of business strategies and goals, and strong decision-making skills.

Project Delivery and Recovery

You need the right people to get projects back in order. Significant investments are made to develop high quality, reliable resources that integrate flawlessly into your organizational culture. We offer experts who can assess core issues, restructure project efforts, and see the project to completion.

Our project and program managers can:
  • Provide an independent view to advance challenging projects
  • Create collaborative relationships within a team and apply consistent project management practices
  • Use risk identification and mitigation solutions
  • Provide specialized expertise to guide team members to the correct answer
  • Lead with an executive presence

Business is never isolated!

Constant digital and technological innovations are empowering business transformation; growing and evolving requires adapting to new services or designing your own. With our expertise and experience, we can help you do both.

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Our Services

We can elevate your project and program management:

Portfolio Management

We strategically align your project portfolios, streamline annual planning cycles, and provide relevant metrics. As well as balancing resources across your organization and monitoring the progress of project and program investments.

PMO Capability Development

We help you establish and optimize PMO capabilities to improve project and program delivery. By providing a comprehensive assessment of your current PMO capabilities, including organizational alignment, structure, methodologies, and tools.

Mergers and Divestitures

We can work together to evaluate, manage, and define the complicated relationship associated with business and technology integration.

Project Leadership

Project Leadership and management can be increased across your organization by providing competency and skill assessments, project management training, as well as coaching and mentoring.

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