Value Targeting and Business Analysis

Together we can identify, validate, and prioritize value-creation opportunities to create and achieve advancement in all fields.

Successful organizations are always maximizing their business models to maintain their competitive advantage and deliver value to both their internal and external stakeholders.

Our Value Targeting & Business Analysis Approach

Our experts have developed a wide range of business diagnostic and analytical techniques to help organizations identify, validate, and prioritize value creation opportunities. Our experienced management consultants bring healthy mixes of industry, strategy, operations, and financial experience to assist our clients.

Our capabilities in this area include:
  • Voice of customer analysis
  • Cost of structure and value driver analysis
  • Internal Business and operational Assessments (Organization, Processes, Technology)
  • Market Analysis and Competitive Benchmark

Finding Value-Creation Opportunities that will serve you better.

To achieve and maintain a competitive advantage, an organization must continually assess its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. (SWOT)

  • Strategic Opportunities and Threats
  • Competitive threats from higher quality, lower-cost providers
  • Opportunities to expand
  • Increase in Regulation
  • Offshoring opportunities

Operational challenges

  • Customer service issues
  • Lack of focus on core processes
  • Degrading cost-effectiveness – when compared to market competitors
  • Process inefficiencies- the proliferation of non-value, redundant added activities
  • Building a performance-based/continuous improvement culture
  • Functional silos – lack of end-to-end process integration
  • Misalignment of roles and responsibilities based on their specific skill levels

Competitive Positioning and Market Analysis

Comprehending your situation, understanding external business drivers, and competitive/market positioning is critical in gaining market share. Competitive, industry, regulatory, and technology changes can create threats or opportunities for a company. We leverage industry and market research data, to analyze and characterize critical trends and business drivers that exist in these unstable and quick to change areas. We work with our clients to discover the long term/ short term implications and probe on positive or negative consequences. Finally, we help assess the impact and effect on the organization, prioritizing the importance of each respective business driver.

Customer Voice analysis

Understanding customer feedback is crucial to comprehending customer perspectives on current performance and future customer perspectives, to better fulfill customer needs/desires. Having a close working relationship with customers is a vital part of success. Our experts work with you to gather and analyze customer data in a structured and objective manner. We accomplish this through a variety of techniques, including customer surveys, customer interviews, and existing customer data. We help organizations distill the essential findings and then incorporate them into other assessment and strategic planning activities.

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