Customer Journey Mapping and Experience

Providing a superior customer experience is becoming a critical differentiator between leaders and followers in the market.

The struggle for competitive advantage has moved to customer experience. If all other elements are the same, customers consistently prefer to do business with companies that:

  • Provide a more flexible and more comfortable way to select a product or service
  • Offer more compelling variations of products and services
  • Have unmatched client experience and service
  • Establishing a high degree of confidence and trust with their customers

It is Nuerex's mission to work with its clients to develop and maintain a customer experience that creates value. We offer our clients a solution that allows them to consistently and sustainably increase their customer experience.

How We Can Help Transform the Customer Service Experience

Every company operates to create value, to this end we have established a set of tools that allow our clients to their understanding of their customer needs, preferences, and expectations as well as the critical driving variables of customer loyalty and satisfaction. We strive to give your company the ability to optimize products and services while creating higher value with customers and amounts delivered.

Customer Research / Profile Development

The most crucial factor in improving customer experience is to understand your customers' desires fully. Companies must construct customer profiles with the data gathered from all available sources. These may include direct marketing, web, email, social media, and syndicated data. Having such an elaborate profile on a customer allows for a single consistent pattern of the customer across the enterprise. Subsequently, this can serve as the foundation for creating a marketing persona, for delivering enhanced customer service & care while improving products and services.

Customer Profile Analysis

Profiles of customers can become representations that can guide marketing and management decisions, that can adapt to fit changing business and market specifications. A good customer profile should include:

  • Loyalty Drivers
  • Buying Patterns
  • Segmentation
  • Customer Analytics
  • Needs, Preferences, and Expectations

The Voice of Customers

The best way to understand your customer's needs, wants, and preferences is to ask them. We actively work with our clients to employ a variety of techniques to gain valuable insights and information. These include but are not limited to:

  • Blogs and News
  • Social media, letters, and emails
  • Interviews focus groups and customer surveys
  • Contact center and chat room interactions

The findings are then analyzed to transform the feedback into insights that will help customer experiences and lift customer expectations, improve products and services, as well as providing early crisis remediation and detection.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is a great exercise when assessing customer experiences and touchpoints from the customer's point of view. These incredibly discerning maps provide a base for which improvements can be identified, prioritized, and implemented. Like most exercises, there is no single set mold. Therefore it's crucial to tailor the solution to meet each client's unique needs and complexities.

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